South Hagerstown High School




Every school has an Alma Mater. Not many schools can claim that the lyrics (words) to their Alma Mater were written by the first principal, Mr. Carl Beer. The music was written by Mr. Peter Buys. Mr. Buys was a well-known local musician who had played in John Phillip Sousa's Band and owned a music store in Hagerstown. He was the leader of the Municipal Band for many years. This tune is no "off-the-shelf' song, but an original score specifically written to go with the words written by the first principal.

South Hagerstown High School Alma Mater Lyric by Mr. Carl Beer Music by Mr. George Buys

Alma mater of the valley,

May in us your spirit rule.

God we pray to watch above you,

Ever to protect our school.

At thy magic founts of learning,

Noble dreams to us you give.

We thy students to adore you

May your fame forever live.

Every school needs a Fight Song. South Hagerstown High School's Fight Song is sung to the tune of "Dixie". Our research, to determine who wrote the words to the fight song, concluded that it was the first band director, Mr. Elwood Kinney (lyrics).

South Hagerstown High School Fight Song Lyrics by Mr. Elwood Kinney (To the tune of "Dixie")

Are you from South High?

I say from South High,

Where the fields of green grass beckon to me.

I'm glad to see you,

Tell me how be you,

And the friends I'm longing to see.

Well, if you're from the best high school

Then, Yes-siree

You're the very one that I am longing to see.

Are you from South High?

I say from South High

'Cuz I'm from South High, too!