South Hagerstown High School




A building is only bricks and mortar or in the case of South High, steel and glass. It truly is the people who make a difference, who are the rich history of any institution.
Where do you start? Well, how about the 13,000 graduates of South Hagerstown High School. The shear number is impressive. The individual successes of those graduates could fill volumes from doctors, to lawyers, to nurses, teachers, engineers, architects, generals, heroes and heroines. South High graduates have distinguished themselves in every field of endeavor all around the world. Then there are the school organizations and teams made up of all those students who gave of their individual talents and skills and together in a school organization with other students and with the help of an advisor or coach came together and experienced success. From the school plays, to the Quidnunc Yearbook, to the Southwind newspaper, to the successes of the band and chorus and all the sports teams many students remember fondly those times. For many, the friendships that were forged while a part of those activities are friendships that endure today.

Here are a few examples of school organizations and teams that I think all will agree would be at the top of any list. The South Hagerstown High School Band was asked to perform at the Inaugural Parade for President John F. Kennedy in January of 1960. The band represented the State of Iowa and was in competition with the State University Bands for all of the other states. South High's Band came in second to all those university bands. They were beat by the University of Michigan Band, but they beat the University of Maryland and every other university band in that competition. The band director was Mr. Elwood Kinney. Mr. Kinney served as the band director from the opening of the school through 1975. In the Fall of 1975 Mr. Brad Smith became the band director and he served in that position through the end of the 1993 school year. Mr. Kinney and Mr. Smith amassed records with the band that span 37 years of the school's history. Another success that can only be matched and never topped is the undefeated football season of the Fall of 1962. That is the only undefeated football team in South High's history. The school completed the season ranked 9th in the country. The head football coach for that season was Mr. Douglass Cochran. There have been three State Championships: The Boys Basketball Team in 1974 coached by Mr. Nicholas Scallion, the Class 2A Boys Varsity Baseball Team in 1996 coached by Mr. Greg Eversole and again in 2003 the Class 1A Boys Baseball Team coached by Mr. Ralph Stottlemyer.

Many students will remember their participation on school clubs and organizations like the Senior Boys and Girls Clubs, The Key Club, and the National Honor Society. Buildihg a float for homecoming was a tradition that many will remember. Those floats won many awards in the Alsatia Mummers Parade and the Apple Blossom Parade. All students have memories of the food served in the cafeteria. It has always been a source of good meals served by a fine cafeteria staff. The recently retired cafeteria manager, Susie Place was a South High graduate and captain of the cheerleaders in her senior year. We all have fond memories from our high school days and I know that pages could be written about all those experiences. Feel free to add your memories to this brief history to give it that personal touch.

Then there are the teachers, counselors and staff. In the past 50 years the school has been served by eight principals: Mr. Carl Beer, Mr. Richard Whisner, Mr. Donald Zilch, Mr. Walter Galbraith, Mr. John Peckyno, Mr. Richard Martin, Mr. Michael Shockey and Mr. Richard Akers. There have been - number of Coordinators, Administrative Assistants, Vice Principals, now Assistant Principals. During these 50 years there have been four Athletic Directors: Mr. Richard Schultz, Mr. William Maletzky, Mr. Harrison Lanham and Mr. Michael Tesla. There have been ~ teachers who have worked at South High over these 50 years. As a part of those faculties there have been - teachers who graduated from South High and returned to teach at their Alma Mater. The special skills and relationships that these professionals nurtured with their students to provide them with a quality experience during their time in high school are at the core of the history of South Hagerstown High School. Remember those relationships fondly.

Students have experienced a 6 and 7 period day. Today, the students operate on a 4 period semester schedule. Breakfast is available for all students and there is no more homeroom. Attendance and announcements all take place in the first class of the day.