Bobi Musser Family Portrait


Robert, Roberta (Musser) Kinslow, and Johanna, sitting on the swing and Anna Kinslow-Md sitting in front. Behind on the left, Rob-HI, James-Md, Joe-Pa and Phillip standing next to his wife, Charlotte-NC and grand-daughter Desiree (Kinslow) Whetzel-Md. Lori (Kinslow) Poffenberger-Md, sitting in the tree. Absent from the picture are: Regina (Kinslow) Thompson and husband Rick-Michigan, Shawn Kinslow(deceased), Lydia Kinslow-Md and Tim Kinslow-Md. Eleven wonderful children, I have been blest with, 9 grand-children and 3 great grands.

After graduating, got married and had a large family. What a joy, not all roses but many memories that cannot be forgotten. When the youngest was 11, I got small jobs here and there. Then in 1989 went to work in Frederick for a mortgage processing company, worked there for 5 years, then came to Hagerstown to work for the UPS department at CitiCorp. Worked there for a year and a half and quit work to take care of my mom. We have been blest w/2 wonderful daughter-in-laws and one special son-in-law so far. Fingers crossed.